Black Jack Sample Pack

Black Jack Sample Pack


Black Jack Tea Co. by Mary Roach, is a specializes in tea blends made spesifically with cocktails, infusions, and syrups in mind.


In this sample pack you get 10g of each of the Fall 2021 tea blends, enough for 8-10 cups of tea per variety.


Gunmetal Mint: Nothing's better in warm weather than iced tea. This blend of gunpowder green tea and peppermint is refreshing with a nice kick. Mix with berry simple syrup and amber rum for a tea version of your favourite mojito.


Dark Cloud Earl Grey: Naturally sweet and floral, this earl grey is a perfect afternoon tea, infusion, or cocktail base. With the addition of a little vanilla bean simple syrup and lemon, it's perfect with a London dry Gin.


Storm Cloud Earl Grey: This bold Earl Grey blend is perfect for making London Fogs with dark depth of flavour. Storm Cloud is blended by hand with strong black tea and bergamot, with lots of oil and aroma. Pair with your favourite vanilla bean simple syrup and steamed (non)dairy milk for your best fog yet! 


Crack of Dawn: Irish Breakfast tea is an awesome way to kick start your mornings, and this blend will definitely do the trick. Crack of Dawn is a strong black tea blend with plenty of earthiness and maltiness. If you're not a morning person, this blend is also perfect with a shot of your favourite whiskey to make your afternoons or evenings.


Burnt Oak: This super smoky black tea blend is perfect for adding some attitude to kombucha and cocktail mixes. With the distince smell of an oaky fire, infuse your favourite vodka or gin overnight with this tea to create a smokey Bloody Mary.